The Fengari shoes are made by hand by a team dedicated to each model, to finally pass a strict quality control.


The creation of the last of Fengari is characterized by the technique that is used, as it ensures a perfect fit.


Fengari chooses the best quality materials in suede and leather types. Commitment to the use of exotic skins like python snake diamond, symbol of luxury and quality.

FENGARI creates a fashionable, sophisticated footwear for the woman interested in fashion seeking exclusivity through design, quality and comfort.  

FENGARI bets on the use of exotic skins, like Python, snake skins, symbol of luxury and quality,, always respecting all wild life. . Therefore, only skins of animals bred for this purpose are used. All skins are carriers of import licenses and Cites certificate.

These skins are natural material and for this reason, possible scars and variations in tone are a guarantee of their authenticity. Therefore, the shades of snakes not always resemble the one show in the photo, although the same color is advertised, but that these may vary to increase or decrease both the tone and the pattern as the scale.

These details define Fengari shoes as a single piece.

Every shoe is handmade and unique, created using traditional artisanal techniques that ensure the highest level of quality. The skin, the last, every minute dedicated to its production only responds to what you are, how you look and what you want to do and tell the world. Ultimately, how you live and how you want to live.